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2v 3000Ah Battery

Model Number: RSG12-3000
Weight: 182kgs
Brand Name: Rosen Solar
Size: 710x353x362mm
Color: Gra/Black/Red
Electrolyte: Sulfuric Acid Gel
Certificate: CE/ISO9001/ISO14001/Rohs
Application: Solar System;Storage;Telecom
Usage: Solar System;UPS

Product Description


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                                                 2V Series Technical Data


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Key Features :

♦Long service life according to EUROBAT Classification
♦Up to 2200 deep discharge cycles
♦High gas recombination efficiency
♦Wide suitability of ambient temperature range
♦Low self discharge

Battery Construction

A. Electrolyte: Be immobilized in the cell through the use of a gelling agent or absorbed in the separators and plates.

The cells shall have no residual free or bulk liquid electrolyte.

B. Separators: Made of fiberglass. Be porous to electrolyte but electrically insulating.
C. Container & Cover: Cell containers and covers shall be made of a high impact, flame-retardant plastic

D. Terminal: Terminal posts shall be cast in lead or lead alloy and have a copper core insert.
E. Valve: The valve operate at the pressure limits specified. The valve will not allow ingress of outside air into the unit.



Detailed Image


Packing & Delivery

Packing Details   : carton box , wooden box and wooden pallet , 1unit per carton box

Delivery Details : 5-15days


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