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10KW Off Grid Solar System

Model Number: Hybrid 10KW System
Brand Name: Rosen Solar
Warranty: 25 Years Output Power Guarantee
Certificate: TUV/IEC61215/IEC61730/CEC/CE/PID/ISO
Application: Home
Output voltage(V): EU:220/230/240V
Battery Type: GEL/AGM/Li types
Solar Panel: Mono/Poly optional
inverter: Single phase 230/240V;L/N/RE
Monitoring: Wifi/GPRS device
PV Cable: 4mm²/6mm²/10mm² etc
Mounting brackets: Roof/ground installation

Rosen projects are installed around the world for home, commercial and industrial use. Home Lithium battery hybrid solar systems are more installed for roof mounting with solar panel power range 3kw, 5kw, 8kw, 10kw, 15kw, 20kw, 30kw etc, lithium batteries with power wall and rack mount types.   Commercial projects are more On Grid systems like 50kw, 100kw, 150kw, 200kw, 300kw Grid tied for cement or soil ground mounting. Industrial projects for tender EPC like 1MW, 2.5MW, 3MW, 5MW, 10MW etc. Usually we have solar panels PERC, bifacial and black types in stock.   Our technicians will help with installation guidance, project design, commissioning, and aftersale service.

System Configuration
Half Cell Solar Panel
10 pieces
20 pieces
30 pieces
PV Combiner Box
DC Breaker/Combiner/Short-Circuit Protection/Lightning Protector
Hybrid Inverter
On and Off Grid
WIFI Module Monitor
1 set
1 set
1 set
Solar Battery
Lithium Powerwall
with BMS/GEL
Lithium Powerwall
with BMS/GEL
Lithium Powerwall
with BMS/GEL
PV Cable
Mounting Bracket
Tile Roof/Ground
Tile Roof/Ground
Tile Roof/Ground
MC4 Connector
Installation Tool Box
Installation Manual
For more technical specification and price list, please contact: +86 15955104975
Technical Specification

Solar Panels

• Optional Mono/Poly Blue/Black Panels
• High Efficiency with Half Cell PERC panels available
• 9BB/10BB/12
BB PV cell Mono 182mm/210mm
Wind/Snow Load 2400Pa / 5400Pa*
Silver/Black Panels OEM/ODM

Hybrid On Grid Inverter

• Single Phase/Three Phase AC Voltage
• Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one- key APP real-time monitoring • Support RS232, RS485, GPRS, WIFI and other communication methods
• Low and High Voltage with BMS and communication for Lithium battery.

Solar Battery

• 48V LV Storage 96V/192V/384V HV Battery Optional
Lithium ion LifePO4 Module or Powerwall Optional
Matched BMS and communication for hybrid inverters
Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery Storage

EPC Accessories

• Tile or color steel roof tile/ground installation
DC Breaker/Combiner/Short-Circuit Protection/Lightning Protector/Firefighter Safety Smart Switch
DC Cable & MC4 Connector & Installation Tool Box
Packaging & Delivery


1, How long is the delivery time of photovoltaic solar systems?

"Usually delivery time about 10work days for pv solar systems, please note in advance if you need it to be faster"

2, Solar panels are fragile, how to avoid damage during transportation?

"We pack all solar panels by customized solid wooden box for better protection"

3, Which types of solar panels do you use for solar system?

"PERC or N- type Topcon are all available,hot selling items are 410W, 450W, 550W, 620W, 650W and 700w solar panels etc. All are compatible with the whole PV system"

4, How does the client know about the whole solar energy system connection?

"Not only get products, customers also get our technical support and services,customer can install as per the wiring diagram. or call us directly to get online installation guide service"

5, How many kwh batteries does customer need for the photovoltaic system?

"Usually, 5kw system with 5-20kwh battery energy storage, 10kw system with 10-30kwh batteries. our sales will help you choose the suitable solar energy storage system solution"

6, Which types of battery you supply for energy storage systems?

"Now we mainly have storage batteries of deep cycle maintenance free lead acid battery or most popular Lithium ion Batteries powerwall or stackable rack types, which is compatible with most hybrid solar inverter communication"

7, Do you manufacture large containerized lithium ESS?

"Yes, we design the complete ESS for you with connection layout, PV simulation, ROI,installation, training, commissioning etc.Now we are mainly installing factory projects about 100kwh to 500kwh storage ESS with 10/20feet containers, HVAC, hybrid inverter, PCS chargers, battery storage, mounting brackets etc"

8, How does customer get best quotation and technical datasheet?

"Please send enquiry and leave your contact,our sales will get in touch with you and discuss the solar system in details"

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