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Solar panel
On grid
Off grid
Lithium Battery
12V Battery
2V Battery
Opzv Battery
Monocrystalline 72 cells Series
Half Cell Black Frame 120cells Series
Helf Cell 166 9BB Series
Mono Black 72cells Series
Polycrystalline 72 cells Series
Dual Glass 72cells Series
On grid
3kw On Grid System
5kw On Grid System
10kw On Grid System
30kw On Grid System
50kw On Grid System
100kw On Grid System
Off grid
3kw Off Grid System
5kw Off Grid System
10kw Off Grid System
30kw Off Grid System
50kw Off Grid System
100kw Off Grid System
5kw Hybrid System
10kw Hybrid System
30kw Hybrid System
50kw Hybrid System
100kw Hybrid System
300kw Hybrid System
Lithium Battery
12V 50Ah Lithium Battery
12V 100Ah Lithium Battery
12V 200Ah Lithium Battery
48V 50Ah Lithium Battery
48V 100Ah Lithium Battery
48V 200Ah Lithium Battery
12v 7Ah Battery
12V 20Ah Battery
12V 100Ah Battery
12V 150Ah Battery
12V 200Ah Battery
12V 250Ah Battery
2V Battery
2V 200Ah Battery
2V 400Ah Battery
2V 800Ah Battery
2V 1000Ah Battery
2V 2000Ah Battery
2V 3000Ah Battery
Opzv Battery
Opzv 200Ah Battery
Opzv 400Ah Battery
Opzv 1000Ah Battery
Opzv 1500Ah Battery
Opzv 2000Ah Battery
Opzv 3000Ah Battery

Founded in 2008, Rosen Solar is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of green energy products.

Rosen Solar is well positioned to provide the highest quality green energy products and on-time services for EPC, installers and green energy projects around the world.

Why do we make the effort? Because it's important. At Rosen Solar, we are focused on improving production efficiency. We are also continually developing new product lines to provide additional value to our portfolio of green energy offerings; we have expanded into energy storage solutions and energy efficient lighting, among other product categories. Our strong portfolio of world-class products gives us a competitive edge in global markets. Our timely service and just-in-time shipping help our customers improve productivity. Our customers trust Rosen Solar to be a safe, long-term partner .

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100kw on grid solar system in Donetsk region
15kw Residents Solar System in Ukraine
3 MW On Grid System in Netherlands
20kw hybrid solar system in Kiev region
30kw on grid solar system in Bakhmut
30kw on grid solar system in Sumy
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